Telegram Mod APK v10.1.3 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

telegram mod apk
Name Telegram Mod APK
DeveloperTelegram FZ.LLC
Size86 MB
Latest Versionv10.1.3
CompatibleAndroid 5.0
Updated OnTwo Days AGO
Mod InfoLite/Premium Unlocked/No Ads
Get it OnGoogle Play Store

What is Telegram Mod APK?

Telegram is a messaging app that was first started or designed in 2013. Telegram Mod APK is the newest modded form of telegram messenger app used online today. This app allows sending messages, videos, documents, and much more. 

The primary lead role of the app is to provide you with high-level security with end-to-end encryption. You can share or save data in the app without difficulty or fear of damage or loss. There are no ads or other interruptions while using the app, but you have to pay sometimes for some unique features provided by the app. 

Telegram announced self-destructive message features in which, after a specific period, unnecessary notifications will be deleted automatically. It can also make videos and video calls without using extra apps on your computer. It has a pay plan for some different stickers and for unlocks. It’s a powerful application that can help you connect with many people simultaneously.

What is Telegram APK

Telegram APK is a clean and straightforward user application created by mobile phone users and desktops. Its most advanced and popular features are sending messages, videos, documents, and files without limits. It can connect more than 20000 members without any difficulty. You can send a very long file, photo, or text via telegram. Its other popularity is its stickers, which have a limit of 8 million. 

The app has a unique feature that allows you to send messages without it being logged on any server or by anyone else except the person who receives them. Telegram has 8 million plus active users as it is secure to use. Users do not need to register with their phone numbers, and the service does not collect user data as the app provides extra privacy for those who do not want to share their data and information. 

Features of Telegram Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Telegram pro mod apk 2022 download is without ads and limitations while sending messages, videos, documents, and files. If you want to share a long file or data without any difficulty, Telegram premium Apk is the best option to choose. As Telegram Premium App provides high-quality and appealing service, it has introduced many features. Users can avail of all the components by using Telegram.

Users do not need to register with their phone numbers, and the service does not collect user data. These features have made Telegram one of today’s most popular smartphone messaging apps.

Edit Sent Messages

Telegram mod apk premium unlocked is a unique app as it provides you exceptional facilities. For example, as you know, while using another messaging app, you cannot edit your sent messages. If you want to edit your message, you must remove it or write another letter. But Telegram provides you with this facility. You can edit your sent messages easily if you are using the Telegram app. You have the option to edit your messages without removing or deleting them. 

Create a Secret Chat Group

You can create your secret chat group using the Telegram app. Best Telegram mod apk lets you keep your chat private and does not show on your Telegram server. After a specific period, the chat group will automatically be removed without showing it to your server. So you can keep your mind calm and relax from the fear of privacy leakage. 

Sharing of Documents

Sharing of documents is also a specialization of gb Telegram mod apk 2023. It allows you to share documents on a single platform without using any other app. While using other apps, you must attach other applications to share documents. 

Voice and Video Calls

You can make voice and video calls by using Telegram easily without connecting to any other apps or applications. Telegram premium Apk provides all features of sending messages, videos, documents, and files using a single app. You can also make voice and video calls. 

Fast & Secure

Telegram premium mod apk is a fast and secure app to use all information, and data is secured and encrypted while using Telegram. Telegram premium Apk didn’t share your data with others, and after a specific period, your data was automatically deleted and removed. It provides a high-security service as it knows how to gain people’s trust. 

No Ads

There are no ad interruptions while using Telegram plus mod apk as it has no advertisements. But some extra features provided by telegram required subscription and pay plan like additional information and unlocks. 

Send Large Files

Using other applications, you are bound to send documents or files of specific limits, which sometimes disappoint the users because their work-related issues occur due to the document length limit. Telegram X Mod APK provides the facility to send very long documents or files without problems. And you can work efficiently and effectively. 

Create a Group with a Large Number

Telegram Mod Apk latest version is a fast-approaching and demanding app. Suppose you want to create a group with whole organizations, corporations, or departments. It provides some additional features to its users. It also allows you to make or create a group with over 200000 members. You can connect with more people without any limitations. And data sharing becomes fast and efficient. 

Optimal Data Storage

While using the Telegram mod apk unlock channel, you are assured your data will remain safe and secure. As a telegram premium, Apk didn’t share your data with others. If, at some stage, you need data saved before you can log in to the application and get your data back as it was saved. However, this feature is not provided for secret chat rooms. 

Control Photos, Videos and Downloaded Files

When using another app, all photos, videos, and files are downloaded automatically. But when you are using the Telegram app, you have the option to choose which files and pictures you want to download as the server has too much data; you can select the data and files that you want to download. This feature will also help users control all the data posted here.

Customize Theme or Interface to Your Liking

Telegram premium Apk allows you to customize themes or interference as you like or want. You can customize interference for your chats. The users can also change personal images without using the interface available in the application.

Data Synchronization 

Telegram premium Apk provides the synchronization facility. With Telegram, you can use the same data on other applications due to the synchronization facility.


Telegram premium Apk provides you the high-level security service. If you have shared private information using telegram, your information is saved and will remain only for the sender and receiver. Other people need help seeing your data as your information is secure to end-to-end encryption. 


Using the Telegram app is fun. Because telegram provides extra features and stickers. Telegram delivers at least 8 million stickers. So, using different emojis and stickers makes it fun for users. Users feel free and relax by seeing other emojis.

Pro Key of Telegram Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Photos and Videos
  • Send Large Files (Attachment)
  • Unlocked Secret Chats
  • Unlimited Broadcast Lists
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Mute Notifications
  • Pinned Messages and Chats
  • Privacy Mode (Hide Last Seen, Typing, Blue Tick)
  • Change Your Theme (Dark, Light, AMOLED)
  • Self-Destructing Messages
  • Backups – View Photos and Videos without Downloading
  • Desktop Version for Linux, Windows & Mac OS X
  • Much More
  • No ADS


Telegram is a messaging app. You can share data and make voice and video calls while using it. The app provides the facility of extra features which may require charging or a pay plan. Telegram also provides a security facility. It keeps all your data safe and secure for all the time and gives you the same saved data as and when required.

The app provides the facility to communicate with many people simultaneously, and you can create a group with more than 200000 simultaneously. Telegram also provides the facility to send large files without limitations, as other apps need the facility to send or receive long files or documents. Moreover, the app is the fastest way to communicate and share data and information. 

Telegram Apk FAQs

Q. What is Telegram APK?

Telegram is a fast and secure messaging app that can be used worldwide to connect with people and organizations. 

Q. Who created Telegram Premium?

Nikolai and Pavel Durov created the app.

Q. How many people use Telegram?

Around 200 million people use Telegram to send over 12 billion messages daily.

Q. What happens if I delete Telegram?

All your contacts and messages will be deleted.

Q. Is Telegram Mod APK safe to use?

Yes, the app is safe to use as it provides a particular data-saving facility. 

Q. What devices can I use Telegram on?

Telegram is available on over 300 devices and can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and even the web.

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