Dana Mod APK Unlimited Saldo v2.48.1 Free For Android

dana mod apk
Name Dana Mod APK
DeveloperPT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe
Size59 MB
Latest Versionv2.48.1
CompatibleAndroid 5.0
Updated OnTwo Days AGO
Mod InfoUnlimited Saldo/Unlimited Money
Get it OnGoogle Play Store

What is Dana Mod APK

Dana Mod Apk is a leading financial technology introduced by a Fintech company to help Indonesians handle all financial matters. This fantastic financial technology app provides the facility for all financial services like paying bills, top-utility, and shopping charges. 

Dana Mod Apk Unlimited Saldo 2022 is a digital application complete with services, which makes it essential to get this app for your Android devices and deal with all the requirements relating to money from your home. 

APK Dana Mod provides you with E-wallet services. This is a secure and safe app to download and use, and it gives you the ability to send or receive money from your dear ones or to provide them with cash to help them out. Your e-wallet is easy to use and comfortable. You can easily add balance to your digital wallet by connecting your bank account, debit, or credit card to your digital account. This is an exciting deal full of unique features like rewards and promotions. 

So there is no need to take physical money with you if you are going somewhere for shopping or lunch or dinner. You can easily use your e-wallet for fortoypayur shopping deals or lunch or dinner bills by using your digital wallet fortokmakeyments. Because this app is free to use and protected from bugs and viruses, you can download it and avail of its services. 

You can easily open an account on this app and use your PIN code to open the account. This is safe as no one knows your PIN and can never open your account. 

It encourages you to use DANA for your transactions. Through the platform, you can receive reminders for bill due dates, transactions, notifications, and account activity alerts. 

Dana Mod Apk’s latest version allows you to unlock and use all features. All its components are updated with the changes in technology. 

How Does Dana Mod Unlimited Saldo And Money Work?

Dana Mod APK unlimited Saldo is an exciting app Dana Indonesia introduced for you to use and avail of all its services and features with exciting offers. Dana is full of exciting features that allow you to use the Dana digital wallet for making payments, mobile top-ups,  and money transfer services, which also have rewards and promotions for you if you are going to do some specific challenges and offers made by Danasaldo for you. Dana Saldo offers unlimited Saldo, which means that unlimited money in the language of Dana apk unlimited money means you have unlimited money for making payments and paying your bills. 

Dana allows you to add balance to your account by connecting to your bank account, debit, or credit card.  So you can quickly transfer the balance to your account if you have a low ratio. This opportunity is also available by going to any shop personally and Adding credit to your account by giving the vendor physical money. So you can easily do this and enjoy all the features introduced by Dana to make all your deals convenient and comfortable.

How to Download and Use Dana Indonesia Digital Wallet APK

For downloading Dana Mod Apk, the following steps should be followed: 

  • Open your Play Store app and type Dana mod apk on the search bar. 
  • Many icons will be shown in the list, and select the hero of your choice. 
  • Now click on the desired icon to open it. When it opens, click on the download button. 
  • Downloading will start, and it can take a few minutes. 
  • Now open your phone’s space where the installed icons are placed 
  • Now click on the Dana Mod Apk app and the install button. 
  • When installation is completed, check your screen app and open the app. 
  • When it starts, you must give your information to open your account on Dana App. 
  • If you are using the app for the first time, click on sign up to give your information to open your account. 
  • It can be a process of giving your mobile number, name, and card number to identify yourself. 
  • The account opening process requires your phone number; you must set up your password to open your account. Connect your bank account, credit or debit card with your digital wallet to add funds to your wallet. 
  • Set up security features like PIN codes, biometric authentication, and transaction alerts to protect your account.
  • When your account is opened successfully, you can use your digital wallet to check your balance and use extra features like cashback rewards and other things your digital wallet offers. 

Features of Download Dana Mod APK

Dana Mod Apk has exciting features readily available to fulfill all your Dana-related needs. So, here below are some unique features of Dana latest Apk:

Mobile Payments in One Click

It’s an emerging feature of Dana Mod Apk. You can quickly pay through your mobile phone using Dana Mod Apk. All your needs, like utility bill payments or other shopping deals, can be easily made using this Mod Apk. This makes all costs easy and faster because there is no need to go personally to any place and make physical payments. 

Money Transfer to your Friends and Family

Another exciting feature of Dana Mod Apk is online money transfer. This online app provides the benefit of sharing money with friends and family using your Android phone. This made your transfers faster and better. You can also pay your friends if they have paid your bill for dinner or any other time like shopping or petrol. This allows you not to feel any hesitation about physical prices and make your transfers easy with Dana. 

Easily Schedule Bill Payments

Dana Mod Unlimited wallet is designed to benefit you by making all your payments and transferring online without difficulty going somewhere personally to pay bills or expenses. So, you can pay your bills online through Dena Mod Apk because this app makes your payments on time without difficulty. 

Top-Up Services Available

Here is your Dana Apk unlimited money with all top-up services. You can easily refill your balance by connecting with your mobile account or using debit or credit cards. If you want, you can deposit money through a customer care center or any other shop by giving physical cash to the vendor. This process is straightforward and faster. So you can utilize the technique. 

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is also a fantastic feature of the app. Dana Mod Apk provides you with the facility of bank transfer. You can open your bank account on this app and pay by sitting at your home. This cannot require your physical existence to the bank, and you can also add balance to your Dana account by using your bank account balance. 

Digital Wallet in Indonesia

Dana Saldo Mod Apk is an excellent opportunity for all the residents of Indonesia. It was designed to help the citizens of  Indonesia for making payments and shopping easy and comfortable. This app doesn’t have any challenges or viruses. This makes the life of the Indonesian easy And comfortable. 

Credit or Debit card and Physical Cash

Dana Modded Apk is full of exciting features and facilities. It allows you to connect Dana with your debit and credit card to facilitate yourself. It’s the same as shopping through a credit or debit card. But here you are, transferring a balance, not making payments. This makes the process of adding balance to your Dana account easy. 

Unlimited Saldo

Dana Mod Apk unlimited saldo means it provides a lot of money to make payments, send money, and pay bills. This means the app is full of money you can use for all your cash-related dealings. 

Cashback and Rewards

Dana mod apk is also full of rewards and cash back. It allows you to utilize tips and get back cash when you fulfill the required challenges of the data for making payments. It’s like a digital coupon book that saves you money while you shop. Also, it’s like a thank-you gift for using Dana or the digital app. This feature encourages more people to come and join the app. This also makes users’ lives more comfortable than before because payments and deposits become easy through Dana hack Apk. 

Dana surprises you many times. It means you can pay for groceries using your digital wallet if you buy groceries or anything else. The Dana mod apk gives you some of your money back as a reward for using Dana to make payments. It will surprise you and make you feel it is a big gift from your wallet. 

E-commerce Integration with Dana

Another fantastic feature of Dana Mod Apk is that you can use your digital wallet to make payments if you purchase anything online. So you can pay through Dana Hack. It’s like a digital cart, meaning you fill it by purchasing many things online. While making payments, you can use a digital wallet like Dana, which gives you the option of “pay with Dana” to utilize the opportunity to make payments. 

Financial Services and Split Bills

Financial services and split wheels like Dana Mod APK offer you extra services to quickly pay and share your part of the payment with each other. This is like a digital calculator available for you on the spot to calculate the payment portion for each person to count and pay. If you go for lunch at any place and a bill comes, you can divide it among all your friends to pay the bill. Financial services means extra opportunities provided by Dana. 

International Transactions

Dana Mod is an excellent app that offers you exceptional services. One of them is dealing with national transactions by using Dana APK Hack. You can pay or receive money from any country using your Dana Mod APK digital wallet. This provides the benefit of sharing your balance with your friends or family if they are away from you or living in any other country, so you can send money to them easily using your digital wallet. So it can be a great help or gift for them from your side. 


Dana APK Mod has a multilayered security system. This means that Dana Saldo always wants to satisfy you if you hesitate to use the app due to security issues. That is secure, and your data will remain saved during the entire app process. You can lock your digital wallet by using a personal PIN you issued. Your account is only yours; anyone can access your money and performance. 

QR Code Payments

It is one of the most extensive facilities provided by Dana Premium Apk. You can use the QR code scanning method for payment in malls and elsewhere. You just have to scan the barcode, and your digital wallet will calculate the settlement amount and pay the bill online. This method keeps your money safe because you do not need to keep physical cash with you for shopping. 

DANA Surprise

DANA, Indonesia’s leading digital wallet platform, has recently introduced an exciting new feature called DANA Surprise. Using this feature, users can earn rewards.  But this offer is available by the Latest version of the Dana mod apk to complete transactions.

Users will receive a token from playing DANA Surprize and winning great vouchers for every transaction of at least Rp20k. This gives you an additional incentive to conduct transactions using the DANA APK.

No Ads

One of the exciting features of this Apk is that it is free of Ads. This makes you feel free of any hesitation and disturbance while using the app to share money or make payments. When aids started, people felt difficulty as they had to wait for the ads to end, which disappointed them, and they stopped using the app. So, people can use the app easily without discomfort from ads. 

Pros and Cons: Dana MOD APK

Pros and Cons of Dana Saldo Mod APK are given below.


  • Convenient
  •  Multiple services
  • Rewards and Incentives
  • User-Friendly endly Interface
  • Unlimited Saldo


  • Limited Users/Reach 
  • Verification issues
  • Technical Errors
  • Security Risks
  • Dependency on  Internet

Final Thoughts

Dana Mod Apk Unlimited Saldo is a fantastic app with exciting services and readily available features. And the app is also full of rewards and gifts. You can easily open an account on this app and avail yourself of its exciting services because it is free from ads and fully secure. The app provides a facility for making payments, paying bills, and giving statements for your meals if you go somewhere to eat. The app also allows sending and receiving money from any other country because it is also available internationally. So, the app is full of exciting features and secure to use. 


Q. What services can I access with the DANA APK?

With the DANA app, you can access various services, including cashless and cardless payments, mobile top-ups, bill payments, and more.

Q. How can I add funds to my DANA account using the APK?

You can add funds to your DANA account using the APK by linking your bank account or credit/debit card and transferring funds into your account.

Q. Is the DANA MOD Saldo safe?

Yes, It is safe to download and use if you download it from a trusted source. The app has a multi-layered security system that keeps all transactions secure.

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