Panda Mouse Pro Mod APK v3.9.6 (MOD, Patcher)

panda mouse pro apk
Name Panda Mouse Pro
DeveloperPanda Gaming Studio
Size7 MB
Latest Versionv3.9.6
CompatibleAndroid 5.0
Updated OnTwo Days AGO
Mod InfoWithout activation
Get it OnGoogle Play Store

Latest version of Panda Mouse Pro Mod APK, a controller app that lets you play computer games by connecting a keyboard and mouse to your phone. It is the best way to play games on Android devices by connecting with a keyboard and many miles with just a Bluetooth connection. So, let’s have a deeper look at the app to enjoy its benefits. 

The golden era of Android devices was also blessed with many mobile and computer games. All these games have a different range of their popularity and are played with excitement. Some people don’t have computers to play games on the big screen, and some can’t afford it. For this kind of game lover, there is a significant solution to play all computer games without an emulator on your Android devices. 

What is Panda Mouse Pro Mod Apk?

The Panda Mouse Pro APK is an application for controlling and playing computer games on Android devices. This app helps game players play without downloading them. You must connect the keyboard and mouse to your Android devices through Bluetooth, but if your devices do not support Bluetooth, you can use a cable wire to connect with them. 

You can access live-streaming games because this app doesn’t require you to download games and create clones to play them on your Android devices. It’s quite beneficial because it doesn’t require any space on your device for downloading games, so you can play many games live by using this app. 

The app can also be connected to the Google Play login to play the downloaded games more efficiently. Moreover, the app is widely beneficial for game lovers and is supported by more than 20 games, which can be increased with time. The app is not accessible from the Play Store, but the mod version of the app can be downloaded for free. 

Features of Panda Mouse Pro APK Download

Live Games

The Panda Mouse Pro 2024 gives you live streaming of games like the other streaming apps. You don’t need to download the games and fill up your phone space. By connecting to the Panda Mouse Pro, you can play every version of the game online without downloading it. It’s widely beneficial because you can play any of your favourite games one by one without being afraid of your device space being used to download many games. 

Support Google Play Login

The Panda Mouse Pro download supports Google Play login. This facility allows you to play Google-downloaded games more effectively and efficiently. Connecting with Google Play games is one of the best ways to get new updates about games, new versions, and features. It can also keep you connected with the gaming community through the games in the Google Play Store. 


Panda Mouse Pro APK provides you with customisation. You can change the layout and look of your controller according to your desire. You can also change the size of the game according to your device screen, but you can change the size for bigger control. You can use this option to make the layout as beautiful as you want. 

Support Every Equipment

All machines and equipment support the application of Panda Mouse Pro. You don’t need to worry about whether it will affect your devices or not. It is familiar with all kinds of computers, devices, and equipment. So, you can benefit by playing any type of computer game with it to increase your zeal and courage for games. 

No Need Of Software

There is no need to download software to access the Panda Mouse Pro App. You can just connect your device via Bluetooth or cable wire and play games. The app can even provide a live-streaming experience. There is no need to involve any software for the proper working of Panda Mouse Pro. 

No Required Root

For Panda Mouse Pro to work properly on your device, you don’t need to root your phone. The application can work without rooting your device. You can easily download the app on your Android device and enjoy the experience of computer gaming on your phone without the hesitation of rooting up your phone. 


Panda Mouse Pro APK is an app that provides a controller facility for Android devices to play games. It helps players play computer games on Android devices with ample control access and a considerable screen experience. It also has a customisation facility to change the layout and size of the screen. It’s widely beneficial to download and play computer games live on Android devices without downloading them. 


Q. Is Panda Mouse Pro Free?

No, Panda Mouse Pro isn’t a free app on Google Play. But if you want a free version, you can download the Mod version of the app. 

Q. What kind of Mouse and keyboard does Panda Mouse Pro support?

Panda Mouse supports all kinds of mouse and keyboard models; if you want to buy the app, you can send your mouse and keyboard model to its developer and ask them about it.

Q. Can we play many sorts of games with Panda Mouse Pro?

The Panda Mouse Pro only supports famous and most demanding games that are more than 20.  But this number can be increased with time. 

Q. Is Panda Mouse Pro a wireless app?

It’s dependent on your device. If your device has a Bluetooth facility, then you don’t need a wire to connect with the app. But if your device is not supported by Bluetooth, then you can use a cable wire to connect the keyboard and mouse. 

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