GTA San Andreas MOD APK v2.10 (Unlimited Money/Health/Skin)

gta san andreas mod apk
Name GTA San Andreas Mod APK
DeveloperRockstar Games
Size57 MB
Latest Versionv2.10
CompatibleAndroid 5.5
Updated OnTwo Days AGO
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Health, Menu Cleo
Get it OnGoogle Play

What is GTA San Andreas Mod APK?

Have you ever been interested in an action game in an open world? Then this game is going to be exceptional for you. GTA San Andreas Mod APK is an open-world game in which you can ROM freely across the city of America and do everything you can do in reality.

You have to choose the gameplay that best suits your personality. You can do many tasks and missions, and besides accomplishing the lessons, you can enjoy your free time by exploring the city in any vehicle you want to drive.

You can race cars, shoot people, play many games, explore the city, and drive any vehicle you want, including helicopters, tankers, police cars, buses, and many more features, making the game lovable. 

What is GTA San Andreas APK?

GTA San Andreas APK refers to the Android application package file that allows users to install and play the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on their Android devices. This version is specifically designed for Android devices and is an updated version of the original game. 

GTA San Andreas APK allows players to play the immersive world of San Andreas from their mobile device, complete missions, explore the open-world environment, and engage in thrilling gameplay. The APK file lets users install the game outside the official app stores. It provides an accessible and convenient way to experience the iconic GTA San Andreas on Android.

Features of GTA San Andreas Mod APK

Customized Controls

One of the most amazing things about gta san andreas mod apk unlimited money and health download is that you can customize your controls which makes the game very easy to play. You can select which button you want for which task and change this letter if you are not comfortable with the setting.

Exceptional Graphics

The most exceptional thing about the game is its graphics, Which engage medians of players worldwide, most of whom are addicted to it. There is hardly some person who is not familiar Grand Theft Auto series.

gta san andreas mod apk unlimited money and 3d graphics

GTA San Andreas is similar to Grand Theft Auto Vice City but has enhanced graphics. During the whole gameplay, it feels like you are going through reality because of the clear 3D view of the game.


If you get bored of completing various missions and wandering in the City, you can play several mini-games for entertainment, like basketball, pool ball, billiards, and many more. In addition to the games, There are several side missions that you can complete for rewards skills and entertainment

These mini-games are really lovable and one of the reasons that have made GTA San Andreas one of the most popular games in the world nowadays.

Character Customization

Everyone has his taste in outfits and facial expressions, and this mod feature will help you choose your character according to your interest. You can change your hairstyle, wear glasses, and change your face dimensions; the list does not stop here. You can get the outfit whatever you want.

This makes you good-looking, gives you comfortable gameplay, and gives you a reason to love your character. 

Ads Free

Get rid of all the annoying and disturbing ads which are displayed during and before the start of the game by using the mod version of the game. Even no a single Will divert your focus, and this feature helps a lot in making you focused on the game and make you more addicted to the game.

Unlimited Money and Health 

The best feature that a gta san andreas apk reward provides is the unlimited amount of money by which you can buy every single thing you require in the game. there are many aspects where you need money, like buying vehicles, upgrading vehicles, upgrading the weapons, customizing your character, and many more tasks

The second thing you get unlimited is health. in a simple version of the game your health decreases, and you have to eat and seek medical assistance to recover your health, but the Mod spares you from all these concerns. 

Offline Mode

This picture is going to be very interesting for the players living in areas with poor internet connectivity as the game can be played without an Internet connection. only some of the features of the mod will be unavailable due to offline mode but most of them and the required ones are all available. 

Upgraded Vehicles

This feature is the most interesting one providing you with all the luxurious vehicles in which you can roam the city with incredible city and comfort. This is helpful when the police chase you, and you must boost your speed.  you can enjoy the game at best by using different types of vehicles. 

You can drive all kinds of vehicles, including helicopters, police cars, ambulances, mountain bikes, and aircraft monster trucks, with several features and qualities. The important thing to note is that all these vehicles are being provided to you free of cost. This picture adds to the chance of the game and makes the game more lovable to play. 

Endless Stamina

In real life, a person can’t go on working for days or weeks without proper rest or even he can’t do a job continuously without relaxation.  as the skin is based on reality so you tired after doing a job and recoil a proper rest in which you can’t do anything and you regain your stamina,

grand theft auto mod apk

But if you want to enjoy a full-time game and don’t let you tired of the work then the feature is going to wear be there interesting for you because it provides you an ever-lasting stamina and you can play the game continuously for hours without taking a single second of rest.

Weather Selection

One more exciting feature is that you can select any of the three kinds of weather available in the game menu according to your interest and liking. In a simple version of the game, weather prevails, but there is a limitation that you cannot change it. But you can change it by downloading the app, and this picture has also got many positive reviews from the players. 

Real-Life Things

The main reason for the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series is the fact that everything in the game is based on real life.  your every move in the game is similar to reality and you are so engaged in the game that you feel the character is you and you  doing all the tasks in reality.

You take a breath, eat food, drink water, drive the vehicles, use all kinds of weapon side games for your entertainment and fun, and much more just similar to real life. You can dance in different types of clubs, play different games like Basketball, and billiards, enjoy swimming pool fights and killing people, and many more which makes the game realistic.

Premium Weapons

What could be the most important thing in an action game besides weapons? All the premium weapons locked in a simple game version are unlocked in the latest version of these movies. Along with the availability of the guns, all the weapons are upgraded to their maximum

gta san andreas mod apk helicopter and weapons

You can take a privilege over another player in GTA San Andreas Mod APK because you don’t have to waste time on reloading your weapons because each of the guns is reloaded in a moment. By using the mod, you can aim and shoot at the target more accurately and efficiently, which helps you to survive more easily, which is the goal of the game 

How to Download and Install GTA San Andreas Mod APK

It’s good simple to download Grand Theft Auto Mod APK and install the app. Follow these steps and have your fun

  • Click on the download button at the top of the page.
  • A dialogue box will appear asking you for permission.
  • Click on allow to download the app from an unknown source.
  • Downloading will take a while.
  • Open the file in the folder and install.
  • Everything is done, enjoy the game.


GTA San Andreas MOD APK has all the detailed information you need to play it. From the original version, you need money to complete missions. Our challenge is to complete all missions without dying. You won’t get bored until the end of the story because of the gameplay story and graphics, which will make you addicted to it. Finish all of the missions to get a huge monetary reward, which will help you buy new things. Download our MOD version below the article’s available links to get unlimited money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qs: is it safe to download the GTA San Andreas MOD APK?

Yes, it’s quite safe to download it because it has been scanned multiple times with different software to make it virus-free. moreover, our website provides only quality products ensuring the safety and comfort of the users.

What type of specifications are required to play the game?

You don’t need a PC of high specifications to play the game but if you have a good one with exceptional graphics it will enhance your game experience and make the game more smooth in running without lagging.

How many cities you can explore in the game?

 the three main cities which you can explore are Los Santos, san fierro, and loss Venturas. Every city has its own charm and places to enjoy.  there is no restriction in these 3 cities for you. 

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